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Friday, May 20, 2005

So....the way to feel better about things...... to go shopping, of course! ;)

So I went out of the house to let Aaron put the babies down to bed. (Way to go, Dad! :D ) And I headed to good ol' Target for some looking around....First stop...the handbags...I've been wanting a Vera Bradley backpack bag, but I really can't afford $80 on a purse, really.... :( So, I got a Target backpack bag that is muy cute. :D I then did some shopping that wasn't for me, aside from some sore throat syrup, which doesn't really count for retail therapy anyway. ROFL I bought some presents for a friend who's having a baby next week. And then I bought some of theose wonderful no-spill bubble thingies.... next best thing to those pre-filled bubble wands! LOL

Next stop, Kohl's .....because while at Target, we see a woman in enviable we ask her where she got them. Well, they didn't have the color that we wanted, but....they did have some Nike sandals, and we both snagged a pair....(We, you might ask? I went with a co-worker of Aaron's...and she's a good friend of the family's... LOL)

So now I have cute black and hot pink sandals and a really cute, bright pastel flowery sling type backpack purse/diaper bag.....

which makes me wonder where the girlie in me has been hiding out....there really has to be something said for the mom who's either a new mom or is breastfeeding....cos i don't think that many women who are so all about their kids really doesn't have much time to spend being "girly"... LOL...or maybe it's just this mom..... =)


Blogger Katie said...

I think the problem is that as moms, we tend to go "practical" on everything. Woohoo on letting your girlie side out!

8:02 AM

Blogger Cath said...

I hear ya, living with 2 men i never get chance to be girlie so well done Steph. Thats why i enjoy doing different CJ's so i can use pink!

9:06 AM


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