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Monday, April 25, 2005

Being a Smartass Can Have Its Rewards......., today the doorbell rings. I answer it to find a nice elderly couple (laden with a foil-wrapped something or other) from the Orchard Park Presbyterian Church at my doorstep. They ask "Hi, is this Barbara?"..."No..."I say. "Isn't this 16641 Brownstone Ct.?"..."No, I'm afraid that you've got the wrong address, but if you need anyone to unload that baked good on, feel free."

.......they handed me the's lemon poppyseed bread..... i eat it or no?


Blogger Village-Idiot said...

I'm sure you can trust them. But try it on your daycare kids first...LOL.

They can be your 'Royal Tasters';-)

8:21 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Only you... LOL

8:04 AM

Blogger Auntie said...

Is your husband in the dog house? May want to try the loaf on him. If he is being a good husband, perhaps you should have him take the loaf to work. (Smiles!)

8:38 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

This has got to be the funniest thing that I have heard all day. But then again, I am on pain a lot of things are funny to me right now. Hope it was tasty!

4:41 PM


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