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Monday, April 25, 2005

Not too shabby of a day thusfar....

So today has been a busy, but not hectic, day. Although, it started SEVEN hours ago! YIKES. Erin Louise cried herself awake at 5:20. The same time I was supposed to be showering and getting ready to run to the store for milk and be back by 6:00 to get the first daycare kids. But no...I was up, but not at anything other than nursing Erin until 5:40, at which time it was too late to get to the store, with or without the shower. So, Aaron went to the store, and I caught the first three daycare kids.

The before/after school kids started today. And I think that it's going to be an interesting ride. The kids have ADHD, and the girl was abused as a very small child. You know, it never really is ever dull around here! But, the kids are very sweet, and I think that it will be ok with them.

Erin managed to go back to sleep this morning and slept in until TEN!! I was quite shocked, but am sensing that we're either with a sinus infection, or the worst cold known to mind, because I don't think I could possibly have sucked out more snot from the girl's nose! :(

Other than that, the theme for the week is the Zoo. How appropriate! LOL. So we made Lion stick puppets, sang a zoo song to the tune of "skip to my lou", and did a finger play about lions. And all before 12:00! LOL


Blogger diligent law student said...

POOR ERIN!!!! Well, she seemed a little under the weather Saturday so hopefully it's just a bad cold that will pass. Hope you get those glasses fixed soon, too!

OH, and btw thank you again for my presents - I cleared a shelf under my microwave and I'm going to make it my cool alcohol glasses shelf. Gracias again :-)

12:41 PM

Blogger Shelley said...

Just reading about your day makes even me tired! I hope sweet Erin feels better soon Steph!

5:42 AM


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