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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's Been a Crazy Day

Of course, do you really expect any less of me? LOL

So we had the counter offer. They countered to take 1,400 off the asking price and to not pay some warranty fee that our realtor advises (which I'm not sure is really necessary, but I really don't know anything about this subject....), but they would pay closing costs. So, we ask them to take 2,400 off the asking price and to pay closing costs. At this point, I'd pay the asking price for their home if someone would give ME that much money in a loan. Stupid mortgage brokers. They don't even count my income into the bargain, though I made well over half of what Aaron made last's not my fault that I haven't been running the Zoo for over two years and that I can deduct well over half my income on my taxes. Fucked if I do, fucked if I don't. I might as well not have even claimed anything on taxes, save the fact that it benefits my daycare families. So I'm not sure what happens now. I'm in a mood about it, though. I WANT to give the family that is giving us a good deal what they deserve. But I am not sure that I can. Here's hoping that Uncle Sam comes through with my money.

Oh, what else pisses me off is that I screwed up my taxes, which is no big deal, since the credits we can take negate any of our tax liability, but it's the principle of the matter that I screwed them up that honks me off. LOL

Other than that, the day was just typical when you have eight kids in your house, seven of which are in diapers, two of which are your own. Throw in an interview for before and after school kids that will start next week, and you have one huge barrel of laughs. LOL I'm not complaining, though. I'm not feeling psychotic, which is a lot better than last year at this time.


Blogger Katie said...

Fun! But sorry about the taxes. Ours might have been a tiny bit wrong because Greg did them and then the second mortgage company sent us a letter saying "Oops, we screwed up the interest paid number we gave you the first time." Oh well...

8:41 AM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

And to think you had a budding CPA at your service. Fine, don't ask me...

10:13 PM


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