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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

right then, i'm officially a fat ass.....i went to the gym with my sister-in-law, only to find out that i'm back up to pre-pregnancy weight (holy fucking shit!!!!), to be surrounded by tons of women who've never experienced the joys of child-bearing, to be surrounded by tons of women who have never experienced the joys of keeping the Zoo......oy, vey.....and not only that, i got to SEE how much damage the thin mints have done.....i've got fucking SADDLEBAGS!!!!!

ok, one more sleeve of thin mints, and then the kashi go lean will be my new favorite's pretty tasty.....has a woodsy taste....i'll just close my eyes and pretend they're thin mints.....


Blogger Momma Monkey said...

LOL, yeah, I hit the Tagalongs hard today myself...

11:55 PM

Blogger diligent law student said...

I'm there with you, Steph! I look at pics of myself in early college and high school, and it just blows my mind! I'll work out with you this summer :-) We'll motivate each other

8:31 AM

Blogger Shelley said...

Im officially a lard ass too. I did 15 minutes of step last week and havent bothered to do any more roflmao. Where is our motivation??

2:11 PM


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