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Friday, March 04, 2005

it's been a busy past few days. my brazilian boyfriend had a time of it yesterday, which made things a little crazy.

today, however, my good friends from the NICU called me and they rushed the wife to the hospital because she was having contractions. she had the flu really badly, and was dehydrating, which caused them. they were able to get them under control, though, but will keep her in for the night to make sure that she's ok. man, i am worried for her. already a mom of a micropreemie (whose twin passed away), i would hate to see her have to go through all that again.

because of all this, i watched her son today. he's going to be two on st. patty's day. :) he's getting so big, and i think that he's doing pretty well, given his very scary beginnings! he only had one melt-down-i-want-my-momma moment, which was right before bed. so all in all....a pretty good time with him.

this weekend, my friend nancy and her daughter cate are coming down to help me get the house ready to sell. we'll see how it goes. there isn't a TON that needs to be done, but i'm hoping that we can get it ready for the realtor to take pictures on monday morning. wish me luck!


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