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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

you is very funny....ironic, more than funny, i suppose, but it's crazy how you can look back on a month, year, or decade, and marvel at how much has changed. one month ago, i was getting two new kids in the daycare. one year ago, i was struggling just to make it through the day with my newfound job and status as work-at-home mother. one decade ago, i was a miserable senior in high school...a mere shadow of a girl at 110-115 lbs. i was lonely and felt incredibly lost; like i had no place to really say that i fit.

even with having an entire world out there to discover, i would never want to be 17 again. i love the fact that i have three kids that call me mommy, a husband who loves me dearly and puts up with me fantastically (tho he's NOT perfect! LOL), and a group of kids who lovingly call me "miss steph".

no, i've never been able to see the other side of the atlantic (and probably won't until i'm also called "grandma") the near future, i won't be going anywhere on vacation that doesn't include a camper and peeing in a different building....i've never had a prestigious career (tho i'm hell bent and determined to have a job where i can collect a pension and have sick days. LOL)...i've never lived by myself for more than a month and a half. but i'm not sorry that i haven't had these things. my life is fuller and more meaningful than it's ever been in my life.

no...i don't always jump up and down with joy. i don't know many people who have between five and eight five-and-unders in their house daily who jump up and joy all day. but i'm happier than i've ever been. more exhausted than ever. but tons happier.


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