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Monday, February 21, 2005

whew...i just got done playing bingo with two eight year olds, a seven year old, a five year old and a four year they're playing with dried, just how ARE those Presidents today?

so the weekend went a little better, save about a five minute span last night. erin louise was fine up until sunday evening, when she puked in aaron's hands. oy! other than that, we had no RAP's from saturday morning until sunday evening. against my better intelligence, i took all three of the kids to the children's museum yesterday with dante's parents. it was a relaxing, yet very busy, afternoon. we had a little snack at the museum after we played hard in the playscape. we then rode the carousel and headed to church. after church, we came home and had dinner with dante's family. it was a good time, save for a few incidences where dante's father decided to join in on any disciplining of my children. oy....i just hold my tongue and keep going, despite the fact that it annoys me to no end.

tonight we meet with our realtor to get things under way for selling our house. i'm nervous about this, even though i know that we will be much happier in a bigger space. aaron and i have talked, and we feel that now is as good of time as any to sell our house and move into what will be our home for the next several years. like....we'll have our grandkids over in this house. we shall see.....


Blogger Preemie Mum said...

Glad to hear everyone is on the mend, Hoping all went well with the realtor. Hugs x

3:53 AM


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