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Thursday, February 10, 2005

i thought that only women did this sort of thing, but yesterday, aaron said "at this point two years ago, we'd be going to the hospital" "at this point two years ago, we would have been in the high risk unit"......funny how two years seems like only yesterday, but a lifetime of changes can happen. two years ago, i would never have thought that i'd be sitting here, thinking of how tiny my little babies were, and of how they're now talking and climbing the walls. "get down!" "no hitting!" and "i love you so much" are a big part of my vocabulary.

i read several blogs, and everyone seems to have a different story to tell. there are things that people go through that i would never imagine being able to go through myself. infertility along with a premature baby (two of the blogs i read!)....going through to get an MBA....tough stuff, not that i've not had my own stuff to deal with...and i don't even tell you everything! i just am thankful for the "stuff" i've had to deal with. it's not always been easy, but it's always worked out, especially in my scariest times. i look at the twins and am so happy that i've been so blessed. if God's up there, he's kept his promise that we're not given anything we can't handle. i sometimes think that he's got the wrong girl, but sometimes i don't know everything. ;)


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