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Wednesday, October 06, 2004 i have tons of people asking me whether i'm a nurse or if i am married to a doc! ROFL.....i took griffin to the docs yesterday to see what to do about griffin, and surprisingly always amaze people with what i tell them! can you go through the NICU and NOT know about things like respiratory rates and drawing up meds?

anyway, we're putting griffin on the precautionary antibiotic, and are keeping an eye out for tightness and labored breathing. if he starts really wheezing badly, i'm to give him some Orapred. we shall see. so far, no Orapred, but i have the script and am not afraid to use it! ROFL

one of my little baby animals came to the zoo wheezing really badly this morning, so is getting to spend some good quality time with her daddy in the ER this morning, as their doc's office doesn't open until 1:00 pm today....yikes! here's hoping that the wheezing stops soon. i hate it when one of my charges doesn't feel good!


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