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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

hi, everyone.....i've been in the midst of a great book, which i haven't been able to put down....fortunately for my husband, because he can use this time to play on the computer (which he doesn't get to do too much because someone's big butt's always in this chair!)....but unfortunately for my computer life! :D what's going on out there??

anyone read any good books lately? :) the one i'm reading is called The Time Traveler's Wife. It's a fab book so far....all 311 of the 500ish pages....It's getting to the point where I want to read and read to finish it, because it's so good....Thanks a bunch, preemie mom forum, for giving me another nasty habit! LOL

other new news at the zoo is that i have a few new animals....they are so cute, and i'm really starting to enjoy my job and life at the moment....i know that clouds are sure to appear, so i'm revelling in the moment! :) i know it sounds pessimistic to say that, but can't always be a bed of roses, or there would be nothing to blog about, right? ;) i have two new babies to cuddle.....and boy are they sweet! it's definitely different to not have my nap time to myself anymore, but i'm can read a book while holding a baby a whole heckuvalot easier than typing! LOL

we also are talking a lot about the risks associated with prematurity in our preemie mom forum. this is such an emotional issue for all of us there. not many people understand that unless they've been there, but apparently the BBC in the UK is airing this show about when miracle babies grow up. i'm sure that most people know that there are so many risks to having a premature baby. some wonder how ethical it is to SAVE babies like mine, who require ventillators to breathe at first, not knowing whether or not they would become vegetables later. but what alternative to parents have? the alternatives are so unspeakable to me, and i do not know what kind of state i would be in had we decided to not take the necessary measures to save erin and griffin. my babies are my life right now, and i think that everyone at our hospital and everyone who has stepped foot in my home to help them are to thank for doing all that they can to help them be the most normal babies possible. i wouldn't have it any other way......

sorry......between my mulling the premature issue about, and pondering my status in the time continuum (thanks to audrey niffenegger for the book i'm reading! LOL), i'm in a fairly reflective mood right now! :)


Blogger Cath said...

Hey Steph, I'm lost in the book too! Not read as far as you but it's difficult to put down.

7:10 AM

Blogger MoMMY said...

One of my very favorite books. Enjoy! Oh, have you read The Ayre Affair? Good one.

11:46 AM


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