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Thursday, September 30, 2004 weekend went well....this week, however, has been chaos....see the post from a few days ago (about me being happy and basking in the moment because i know that it can't always be good?), and know that the other shoe has dropped! ROFLOL

ok....the weekend....i went home, and it was wonderful. i saw my dad on his birthday, my grandma on hers...some of my extended family got to meet the twins for the first time, i got to stay with my other grandma and was busy, but definitely one of my better visits home. i am glad, however, that i don't live down's one word: breastfeeding. those who gave birth during the period where formula was at its pinnacle do not like to see a woman breastfeeding after 12 months. i would be a rich woman if i got money for every time my grandmother told me that it was time to wean them.... :) oh, well.....sorry, folks, you'll be seeing my nipples until the babies decide they're done. ;)

well, throughout the weekend, erin was spitting up....and when she did, there were always reasons why it could be other than being sick...........she threw up half-chewed french fries (oh, what parent doesn't experience this, i ask of you?); i thought she was chip-munking them and spit them out when she fell asleep......she spit up on my grandma's floor (which, incidentally, my uncle had just shampooed...THERE's murphy's law at it's best!); i thought it was because she had chocolate milk (which she doesn't really drink too frequently, even though i offer it) and lemonade back to back (eeeewwwww....but you know what citrus products do to milk, don't you?)........but i didn't figure out until driving down 465 that what she really has was the flu (or some whack intestinal virus) that her dad's been suffering with.....

.......................we've not thrown up since 10 o'clock this's been a long week!

needless to say, my back-to-back weekends in huntingburg aren't happening..... sorry to joshua, my baby brother, who's now 18 (what the hell happened to me?? he can't be old enough to procreate, he just can't!), whom i was going to surprise by coming to senior night and to his district band competition....i'm quite bummed out by this! :(

oh, and before i end today's novel, i have a bit of meanness to share for the pure entertainment value of it........yes, i'm driving the bus to hell..........i get an unmarked letter in the mail yesterday, but recognize right away who's writing it would be gage's mother's handwriting.....she has the audacity to write me a receipt for fifty dollars or to return the clothes that she gave griffin and the unused (my ass!) package of pull-ups that i had (that i left outside by the mailbox for two days and then someone other than her, apparently, took). ok.....if you've made it this far, please provide in the comments field what action i should take. i'm really struggling here.....i really want to be the bigger person, especially after being called "rediculously juvenile", but part of me wants to write her a receipt for the amount that she would owe me had i asked her to pay me for 1) the time when her check bounced that i wound up having to pay well over 25 bucks for MY OWN checks bouncing....2)the time that she didn't pay me or question whether she should pay me after having taken gage out for a week(even though we had briefly talked about maybe her not having to pay me....tho common sense would have it that she should have at least asked, ya know?)....3)all of the uneated children's dinners and family supper meals i provided to him because she was late....4)fees for her picking up gage late for the past eight months........minus what she feels i owe her, which is highly inflated, if you ask me..... LOL whatcha think??


Blogger Momma Monkey said...

Screw being the bigger person...

Write her that recipt out, carefully documenting the dates and times of what you are billing her for.

Especially the check bouncing thing, that is actually a CRIME in most states.

1:26 PM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

Not sure exactly how you're using the word "receipt," do you mean she's trying to bill you $50? If this is the case, I would avoid the tit-4-tat BS and sit this woman down and find out why she thinks you owe her and not vice versa. In my opinion you either need to spell out rules of engagement, such as late pickup penalties ect. or cut the woman loose.

12:05 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

hammer--- this woman pulled her child out of my daycare after i laid down the basically, she's trying to get at me the only way she knows getting me to give clothes back that she never really wanted back in the first place, as they are clothes her child's outgrown.....

7:53 PM


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