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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

two things of note......

.....griffin has a doc's appt. this afternoon at 1:15....we'll see what he says about further treatment for this coughing/wheezing stuff.....i see another steroid in our midst! LOL

..... i talked this morning with the new girl's mom, who's friends with gage's mom. she said that whatever jill says about me, that they aren't going to hold it against me and that they've been happy with me. that did my heart a lot of good. i thanked her for giving me a chance.

off to call the mother-in-law to see about her coming to watch the kids while i take mr. griffin into dr. jarvis....gotta love that man....if i were able to have another kiddo (which i can, i just won't...), i would have to name the baby paul or paula after him!! LOL


Blogger Cath said...

How'd you get on at the doctors with Griffin Steph??
Hope all is well!

3:30 AM


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