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Saturday, October 02, 2004

k.....the letter went something like this..... are the clothes. i can't remember which are yours, so i gave you everything from 6/9 mos to 18 mos. just keep whatever is yours and sell or give the rest away....... for the pull-ups, i did what i said in my first email and put them by my mailbox. they were there for a day or two and then were gone. i will not be held responsible for them.

again, please do not contact me any further.
regards, stephanie....

she sent me back a blank email...not sure what that was about, but she's got all griffin's clothes now...ROFL.

wanna take bets on whether she contacts me about the pull-ups?? i'll let you know! ROFL


Blogger diligent law student said...

Good job, Steph - be the bigger person so she's the one who looks like the idiot...I think you played your move just right. Hope everyone is better over there!

9:47 AM

Blogger Cath said...

WTG Steph

10:05 AM

Blogger InnocentBystander said...

Good thing I didn't post a comment before. I think my passive-aggressive personality would have made you feel REALLY GREAT but probably would have made the situation much worse...

Good job, however, being the adult...

11:31 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

you guys don't know HOW BADLY i wanted to do SOMETHING to get back at her.....leave a rotten egg (not that i have in the bags of clothes, dump them on her front lawn, write "rediculously juvenile" over the bags/clothes......ooooh, the list goes on.....but you know that if she doesn't leave me alone, you bet your ass that she will be getting a bill in the mail! ROFL

12:41 PM


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