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Friday, October 15, 2004

i recently told one of my good preemie mom friends that she needed to write down all the funny things that her kiddo does and says....

.....and i am so guilty of not doing i'm writing this down so i don't forget it....

.....being a preemie mom makes parenting a chore always....what should be good fun is something that you feel you HAVE to do because the child's development depends on kind of takes the fun out being a parent sometimes....because, if you DON'T do all these things, you feel like you've failed your child somehow. and we ALL know the guilt of a parent! :) are working these days on body parts. the babies have liked doing this, because they find it hilarious to point out features on MY face as well. of the first parts we talked about was nose. so we do all the nice little games of pointing to the nose and repeating it over and over.....then they point to mommy's nose. well, i'm still nursing, (different stories for a different day, and i don't want to hear about it, ok?) and they have taken to pointing at my nose when they're latched on. of them...i can't remember who, but they both do it now, decided it was fun to put their little finger IN my nose....i find that this is gross, but they find it funny....especially when i say "pick your own nose!" it's ever so cute to see a baby interact with you like that. it's our own little joke, and we all get it, and laugh over it. make up for the work and worry of their development, i do get to catch the fun bits that make being a parent all the worthwhile...even if the membranes on my nose are scarred from the little fingernails! LOL


Blogger Tiffiny said...

So cute! And don't fret about the nursing. I still nurse my 2 year old, and I am proud of it!!

12:51 PM

Blogger ~Shez~ said...

A fun way to do body parts, rather than pointing and saying the name is if you (for example) say 'where's your nose?' and they sniff. My babies loved that.
Hands = clap
Mouth = open and close (like a fish?)
Eyes = blink
tounge = stick it out
Nose = sniff
You can play it with much younger babies too :)

9:12 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

tiff...thanks for the reassurance! :) some people think i'm a weirdo for nursing as long as i have.... LOL're brilliant! :) thanks for the fun idea! (might save my nose! LOL)

10:16 AM


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