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Monday, October 11, 2004

ok, folks, it's my blog and i can whine if i want to! LOL

while i really really love being with my babies, i really really wish i could have a day off without them.....and i will have to admit that i'm really fucking jealous that aaron gets a day off without us (and has taken a whole vacation, in fact!), and i don't get one without everyone just isn't really a good deal for me....i can't really say that it isn't fair, because that's not really true, either...everyone deserves a day off without their family.....EVERYONE! LOL

aaron goes to golf with curt tomorrow..... :(

can someone bring me lunch?? LOL


Blogger Cath said...

Steph, i would gladly bring you lunch if i didn't live so damn far away! (HUGS)
I know how you feel. Weekends i usually get some me time but last weekend DH went out for the day Saturday with his eldest son and so i got no me time at all!!!!!! It sucks.
I'm right with ya on this one girl! Sniff sniff

6:13 PM


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