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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

my griffin is a big boy now! :D he was released from First Steps today! :) got all the paperwork signed...the only bad part is that he will have to go through the re-enrollment process to get evaluated in february, as requested by me and suggested by the evaluation team. but, for him to get the evaulation he will need at that point, i'm ready, willing, and able to go through it all again! :)

today has been a lot more relaxing today....i see kids in a whole new light now that gage isn't here to always cause trouble.....weird how that is....i see dante as a cutie that i didn't get the chance to see before (yes...this is inferno-boy!)....and i've been able to cuddle and laugh with them so much more.....who knew? we'll see how things go from now on, but most people i talk to say that things will probably take a big upswing for me. let's hope they're right! :)

obsessive about things.....why, yes...yes i am! LOL


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