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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

not much happening at the zoo today so far. elizabeth, the now four year-old that i watched last year is here for a day visit. her mom agreed to substitute for a former colleague, so she's come to the house for the day. she got so big over the summer! :)

the twins are still at their ploy to drive their mommy to drink...LOL...we helped collin clean his room (the horrors!!) a few weeks ago, and he got rid of some of his 'baby' books....well..they wound up going to the twins' bedroom, and they've taken to throwing them out onto the floor.....did i also mention that erin likes to take out ALL the clothes in her two bottom drawers?? well....she does....and the other kids have learned how to do this, too....but...i try not to get too upset at them....there are more important things to get upset hitting, kicking, and biting! :)

this is the life, i tell ya! LOL


Blogger diligent law student said...

Oh no! Don't let the twins drive you to drink! It's not worth it :-)

1:59 PM


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