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Saturday, August 21, 2004

any time i ever feel sorry for myself, i get huge reality checks. it's just funny, because these reality checks came at a time where i wasn't even feeling sorry for myself! ..... found out that a very dear friend of mine was raped at heart broke to think that someone i truly care about went through something so incredibly terrible.....

.....also today, i just found out that another very dear friend of mine might have multiple sclerosis...not to mention that her husband has crohn's disease and has had problems....OR the fact that her daughter was a 29 week preemie due to severe pre-eclampsia.....

i've been so incredibly blessed in my life.....and i think that part of what makes my life tough is interalizing the pain of those around me. it absolutely breaks my heart that people have to go through such tough times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life after MS, if your friend indeed does have MS please let her know that there is 'life after diagonis'.
I'm in my 50's and have 'officially' had MS for over 25 years. Today there are medications to help out with MS.
Enjoy your lives no matter what happens, have faith in God and enjoy your children. Life will unfold as only life can unfold! Enjoy the journey, with or without MS!

9:16 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

thank you so much for that comment!

10:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome (on the comment about MS). Dealing with it is a challenge however it (MS) does force one to 'sit back' and analyze what is important in life.
I guess dealing with twins would have the same effect on most! Having a good friend (as you sound) is really important to the MS patient sometimes the 'goofy' feelings she / he may have are wide and varied so have patienys (no pun intended haha).

12:38 PM


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