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Monday, July 19, 2004

this weekend was a good one....i did little but be a big bum and scrapbook a little.  aaron runs circles around always!
i'm doing a late mother's day gift for my step-mom, who's more like a mom to me than my biological mom is.  i'm hoping to get it done by friday so that i can give it to her!  i think she'll like's not as 'perfect' as i'd like for it to be, but i'm hoping she'll like it all the same.  we'll see!
erin had a fever this poor girlie-girl....we think that she's got an ear infection, but we'll see what it is.  mr. dante turned up with a low-grade fever today, too....but i felt a tooth trying to pop through, so i'm sure that's what his problem is.  another day in zookeeper paradise.  LOL
it's not bad, really.  i'm used to the crying!  i just hate that the babies don't feel well.  it's so hard to feel a feverish baby who can't tell you what exactly is hurting him/her. 


Blogger ~Shez~ said...

Oh yeah, I also can't stnad poor sick babies :( My Adam (age 2) has been miserable the last few days too - just a runny nose and miserable, nothing else, not even a fever - it's the worst.
Nice to see you around on UKS :)

4:48 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

sorry to hear that the baby's sick!! :( the runny nose is the worst thing going, isn't it?? :( i hope that he feels better soon!!

UKS is such a fun place to hang out!! :)

2:49 PM


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