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Friday, August 06, 2004

i feel like i'm the seinfeld of's the blog about nothing! LOL not that i am anywhere near as popular as seinfeld! LMFAO

anyway, get this....dante's dad comes in and tells me that they aren't going to let him have peanut butter until he's TWO....wha?? they're going to raise him to be a freak, i tell ya!! he's the most stubborn child that i've ever met, and i've got two little stubborn ones of my own! LOL i thought a full-term kid couldn't top the stubbornness of a preemie!! LOL oh, well....thank goodness it's friday! :D

my fibers class went really well last night. i think that i'll like being able to teach those sorts of classes, provided that i will get more people. don't get me wrong...i loved being able to hang out with that one girl for awhile, she was very nice....LOL's a pic of what i taught.... :)
i'm still wondering what kinds of things i could sell on ebay....i'm such a dork! LOL and i can't wait for my echeck to clear so i can claim my damn birks!! LOL if i would have known how long it was going to take, i would have paid by CC!!

i'm really excited about the weekend coming up. i am having girlfriends over to spend the night and swim in the community pool. and we might get a little drinky after the kids go to bed tomorrow night!! ;) beer before liquor, never sicker.........


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