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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Day....

 today was a good day. We went to see my friends Ryan and Marie, who live in Ohio. Ryan is a friend from high school, and I met Marie in college after she and Ryan started dating. And when life got in the way, we lost contact. But thanks to good old Facebook, we've been reunited. And it seems like forever ago when we made plans to get together today. But today has come and gone, and I'm so very glad we got together. It had been entirely too long. Their kids are sandwiched around Erin and Griffin, so they both had a playmate. Collin found a playmate in the cat, who sacked out on his lap. We ate, flipped through Marie's scrapbooks and photo books, and talked. And it was relaxing. Ryan and Marie are two of the sweetest people I know, and they have made two very sweet kids. And I sincerely hope it's not another six years before we see them again. I highly doubt it will be. We've already made plans to go and see them in April! *grins and happy dances*

....speaking of further grins and happy dances, I have tentative plans to go with my mom and aunt to Tulsa to see my two cousins row at the end of April. Cross your fingers that this trip happens for me. Aaron's given me approval, so we'll see! It will be a long trip, but a fun trip. I've kind of always wanted to do a girls' weekend with my mom. Hopefully this works out.


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