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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Away.... am closing up shop here at work, and then I'll go to watch the Colts game with some friends. Tomorrow, am getting up early to go be with Gran and Grandad and the rest of the gang. So you'll not get to hear any bitching and moaning from me until Tuesday, probably. Aren't you happy?

....feel free to amuse yourself in the comments. How about you tell me about your favorite family member that's outside your nuclear family?


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I spent the day with the in laws in Fort Wayne And now you want me to pick a fave family member? I really did like my Grandma, but when she died she cut my dad (who took great care of her) out of her will.Hmmm...means you can still piss people off no matte how old you are.

I like Scott's nieces and nephews a lot. especially now that they are growing up and marrying they are fun. More fun than the rest of their families, actually.

8:56 PM

Blogger Katie said...

I like my cousins. I'd say nieces and nephews but since I don't have any (argh!), I'll just stick with my cousins. They are like siblings but without all the nuttiness of dealing with the same parents.

10:52 AM

Anonymous Lynn said...

Of the 16 days of vacation we had 13 days of visitors. I love my family so much but I was kind of glad to see them go

9:31 PM


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