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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sexist? it really that awful of me that I think a woman who has a baby with Down's Syndrome should have a job closer to home and be instrumental in caring for that child?

...I suppose everyone has their own philosophies on these kinds of things. Am certainly one of the most independent women I know. I certainly don't think a woman should be nailed down to her home. A woman should be where she is happy. BUT, if she chooses to bring life into this world, the choice isn't souly hers anymore is it? If her children fare better because their mom is an integral part of their lives, that's where she belongs. And anyone who's even had a small glimpse into special needs children's lives knows that it's a tough life; one in which both parents are essential in making sure that child has the utmost chance.

OK... I'll be climbing down from that ol' soap box now.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

My hope is that even if she is not as there for her child as a SAHM might be, maybe she can enact legislation to help all special needs kids. maybe it will be in the form of social services, insurance, home nursing care, I don't know.

6:43 PM


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