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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why I'm Not a Teacher.....

.... for those of you who've been around, you know that I taught German for a year. I spent four years and a shed a lot of tears of frustration to learn a language that I thought worthy enough to pass along to others. Because of the lack of respect that teachers receive from students and parents, I had the worst first year imaginable. There were other things that contributed to the fact that it was an awful year, but that was the main factor in why I decided that maybe teaching just wasn't the gig I was supposed to play. I even declined an offer to teach German to go to work in an accounting firm, not knowing what I'd be doing. I was that disillusioned with teaching.

...funny that today's lunch conversation and a phone call I received from my husband would be so interrelated. Today at lunch, we were discussing the differences between schools in the Middle East and in America. It was affirmed that teachers are given the utmost respect. My colleague said that if he would meet his teacher coming down the sidewalk that he would move out of the teacher's way. He said that if you got into trouble with your teacher that you were certainly in trouble at home. What the teacher said went.

...I received a phone call from my husband today, who has been the recipient of some not so nice discussion recently. He takes these criticisms to heart. He works so very hard at providing a fun learning environment for his children. They learn a lot from him and he tries his hardest to make it fun for his students. Only for people to say that he doesn't take his job seriously enough.

....people seem to have the opinion that teaching is such an easy job. Why is it, then, that so many people have taught for a few years, but switch professions? I'd like to see some of the critics take the podium for a year or so to get a real feel for what being a teacher is like. And yet again, try to feed a family of five on one teacher's income. Especially in our neighborhood.

...Maybe we could learn something from the Middle East?


Blogger nain said...

whoever said that stuff to Aaron, I'm kicking there ass....just wait until I get up to Indy this weekend. (Yes, I'm very protective) but man, teachers are the best profession there is. I mean, who else besides parents can sculpt the minds of the future of our world? Seriously, it takes a special person to teach, and Aaron has what it takes and more. God knows I couldn't do it. Yep, I'm going to kick some ass if people don't start showing Aaron a little respect.

5:57 PM

Blogger nain said...

and yes, I realized I just used "there" instead of "their" :-) maybe I need to go back to school...

5:57 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Do you think it is uneducated people who don't respect teachers enough, or educated snobs like some of the area folks we know. You know, the kind who give caviar to the food pantry. It is odd, in Africa too, at least where I have been, teachers are so well respected. I respect teachers, so I know you aren't talkin' 'bout me.

5:58 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

All the stress of the results to come have fried Nain's brain, so it's okay if simple words confuse her today.

5:59 PM

Blogger nain said...

ha, thanks Judy - yes, my brain has left the building, so to speak...

6:19 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I thought everyone at CRES loved Aaron and thought the world of him. I guess their is one sour grape on every vine. I am going to school today, so maybe I will kick some ass while I am there!

9:06 AM

Blogger Nana said...

Aaron is one of the kindest guys I know and he has a way with kids. Don't let the gossip get to you, it must be from a very jealous miserable person.
Did you try to call me today? If you are needing to talk, ask auntie for my cell if I'm not at home.

1:19 PM


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