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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sheesh....'s been one funky day. The kids are climbing the walls today. It's as if there is some sort of conspiracy going drive over the edge on which I so frequently teeter. It's been one thing after another today. And the best part? The twins have leared the refined art of tattling. And they display their skills masterfully!

...the bonus is that I got the rest of the laundry folded. Not that I'll be able to put it away until all the animals go home. *sigh*


Blogger Cath said...

Have you been giving them smarties??

12:59 PM

Blogger novaks8 said...

tattling- that is like entertainment to them!

My girls know that I won't even listen unless it begins with "someone is bleeding (broken bones, vomiting) or so and so BROKE something"

I don't give a flying fart who took what princess barbie and how long so and so has been playing with the pretend pizza!

1:03 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I don't know how you stop tattling, but I know there must be info on that somewhere on the internet. I know there is some suposed rule like "If the adult didn't see it happen, the kids have to deal with it themselves" or something, again, unless it's brokn, bleeding, etc...

Sheesh, now seth is yelling, he needs to me to go start a DVD for him. I can't wait till he can read, life got sooo much better a s soon as Noah could read.

1:24 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

C'mon everybody, Aaron only needs a few more bucks to make his goal, go and donate (see Steph's post below this last one...)

1:25 PM

Blogger Katie said...

"Steph! She took my lego tower!"

3:41 PM

Blogger Jules said...

My kidlets have been bouncing off the walls this week. I looked outside last night and guess what? Full moon. I think that explains it.

9:08 AM


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