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Sunday, November 20, 2005

What Fresh Hell Is This?

....a line I've copied from an old collegue of mine. And what fresh hell it is to help with my very first book report......

....sing it with me...."a book report on peter rabbit...." brownie points to the person who knows what song that line is from??


Anonymous Ty said...


From 'The Book Report' as sung by the Charlie Brown singers.

I like my brownies with pecans, and anything else 'special' you may have... :o)

11:28 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

like fudge icing? ;)

bingo, ty! :D i was patty in "you're a good man, charlie brown" in high school... hehe

8:56 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Happy Monday to you too! hehe

12:33 PM

Anonymous judy said...

Yes, Noah's book report ws due today, too. He picked out abig damn box and stuffed things in it and it sat on the stairs for weeks, till it was due. We were not allowed to move or touch his precious box. His book was about dragons, so he wanted his box to be a castle. We sprayed it with stone like paint, one aerosol can, $7 bucks. The can didn't cover the box well, but we don't care. It isn't our book report, it's his. We hope it's good enough. If it isn't....guess where the Third Grade teachers can stick the box....

12:41 PM


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