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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Happy Birthday to... oldest daycare girlie! She's five today, and we'll be celebrating with cupcakes and gifts of Disney Princess Magic Art Stencils. I love doing this for my daycare kids. They always get a small gift and cupcakes on their birthdays.

....Other than that, nothing much ado around here. We folded tons of laundry last night, and managed to get the house in somewhat of an order, mostly Aaron's doing, though I must say that I did help a bit with folding and putting away. (Laundry is the bane of my existance, but I must be thankful, as I have two friends that have five and (nearly) nine kids, and realize that they do, indeed, have it worse than me in the laundry compartment!)

...Fall has brought with it some really shitty weather thusfar. The kids are missing going outside. And, I have to admit, I miss having them outside for just a short period of time each day. They really get spun up. The bonus is that I feel like shit, and to get eight kids outside to play is no easy task. So in a way, I'm still finding thanks in a crap situation! hehe

Am hoping that everyone else is having a good week thusfar. What's been the highlight for you guys?


Blogger Katie said...

Happy Birthday Miss A! The weather is crappy here and I have a bazillion errands to run in it. Why do little kids have to they see?

7:41 AM

Blogger nain said...

My highlight? I have a killer cold, and my computer is BROKEN! And I agree with you about these shitty days...those kids need to run outside everynow and then, and god knows you need that! Happy birthday to the little kiddo! Hope you're having a good day!

8:49 AM


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