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Friday, January 21, 2005

turns out my Brazilian boyfriend has the flu!! poor little man! he stayed home with his momma today. methinks that this is why NOTHING i did for the little tyke yesterday was the trick.

kudos to the one who stuck out watching the little girl.....i think that i would need some heftier drugs if i were to have to deal with that every day..... :O

aaron's thinking that he can no longer take living in such a small house. i don't blame him, because there's nowhere to fit all the bodies for naptime! LOL so tuesday we will have a meeting with a relator (sp??) to see what course of action we should take next. wish us luck! it would be nice to have a space for daycare and a living space. we shall see....please keep your fingers crossed that the interest rates will not skyrocket within the next few months.....


Blogger Leann said...

Good luck! What a fun and stressful prospect home buying is!

12:09 PM


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