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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Not that he reads this, but CONGRATULATIONS to my baby brother, Joshua. He is in his Senior year and in marching band....and his band has made it to the state competitions two years in a row! :) and i was there to see it happen! i sat my ass down in the bleachers under the comforter i used in college and froze my ass off between my mom and dad! LOL it was fun, though.

did i ever mention what a nice hubby i have? even though i get completely jealous of the breaks he gets (read back to august and see that he got to go away for a whole week without me?? LOL), he does some really nice things for let me sleep in until 10:30 yesterday.....gotta love him! :)

other than that...seriously, nothing else going on.....sometimes a blessing (most of the time a blessing)...sometimes a curse....LOL


Blogger Cath said...

Hubbies can be nice like that sometimes can't they. DH let me sleep in Sat & Sun so i owe him a favour now!

3:56 PM

Blogger InnocentBystander said...

10:30? Why did you get up so early?!?!?!?!?


10:27 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

*sigh* gone are the days of sleeping in until 1! LOL

10:49 AM


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