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Saturday, September 11, 2004

On my preemie mom forum, we do a "Saturday Six," where we ask six questions and answer them. the effort of making my blog a little more interactive, I've decided to do the same. LOL So, please respond to the questions in the comments! :) I will try to make sure I have all six questions, as I forgot a question one week, so we had the Saturday Five! LOL

1. What is your favorite breakfast food? brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts or cinnamon rolls from McDonalds'.

2. Online forums and message boards...Cool or Weird? Cool....I even co-own one! :)

3. Do you have a signifcant other? Where did you meet him/her? I've been married to Aaron for seven years now. We met in our college dorm.

4. Where were you on 9/11/01? I was at work. When my co-worker Pam told me about a plane hitting the WTC, I thought she was talking about some stupid person who couldn't fly their two-seater. But we watched it horror as everything unfolded. It nearly brings me to tears now how life must have been for those who were in NY, DC, and PA.

5. What do you dread when it comes to housework? um....EVERYTHING?? LOL I especially hate cleaning toilets, though....urgh!

6. What is on your computer desk? many papers to count, a notebook that I use for my Leaving Prints business, a spindle of blank cd's, speakers, a lamp, unmounted alphabet stamps, a stapler, a Scooby-Doo clipboard, a trash can, a pair of scissors, a baby toothbrush, a marker, a pen, a pair of tweezers, an empty make-up bag, a planner, some scrapbooking adhesives, a pair of fingernail clippers..............

ok...going to clean off my pc desk now......happy saturday! :)


Blogger Chris said...

YOU ARE ADORABLE!!! I must say.....almost as cute as those kidlets. :)

1-French toast and corned beef hash (that someone else makes.)
2-Cool. Time suckers though if I don't watch myself...
3-Met Dave 16 years ago. I was on hold waiting for my girlfriend, he worked there and was feeling chatty. We all met up that night at the bar. We've been married for 8 years now.
4-I had just dropped Trent and Devin off at preschool and was heading for work at the salon.
5-Washing dishes now, since the dishwasher is broken.
6-HA!! I used question #6 as motivation today, so thank you! (I read the blog this morning...;) Lets just say there is now 3/4 less the amount of crap on here than there was this morning...hahah!

6:15 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...'re too kind! :) thanks for amusing me with your question responses! alas...i do have a friend! :)

11:04 PM

Blogger Chris said... there are...;) I'm a dork!

4:48 AM

Blogger Chris said... they are...;) I'm a dork!

4:48 AM


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