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Friday, July 18, 2008


OK, so I cancelled Orchard Beach State Park in Michigan, and reserved East Harbor State Park in Ohio instead. This one will be within walking distance to the beach, too. Lake Erie's beach. Someone tell me if there is a trash contamination there, too, eh?

Am trying to remain positive about all of this. I feel like I can't win. Seriously am feeling like Midas' archnemesis....everything I touch turns to shit.

So East Harbor is on Lake Erie, just south of some islands that double as tourist traps. If we'd wanted to only camp during the week, we could have camped right on one of the islands, which holds some appeal. But for this trip, I'll settle for taking the ferry and island hopping. Surely to all that is good and holy we will find something to do and refrain from killing eachother for four nights and five days. always....we shall see.


Blogger Auntie said...

Hope you have a good time. If you get a chance, text me and let me know how it is going. If you get back any earlier let me know and we can get together. I am all alone and this is never a good situation for my mental health! I do wish you a fun filled vacation! Hope you get some GOOD pictures!

10:52 AM


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