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Monday, July 28, 2008

Man, I Wish I Were There Again....

.....Can I just say that I really, really wish that my vacation could have lasted a wee bit longer. It's funny, though, and one of my colleagues at work said the same thing, it does help in getting back to dealing with the bullshit that comes from being in management. And we've a lot of bullshit to wade through right now. Yippy! But I feel refreshed and a lot less suicidal/homocidal than a week and a half ago. Sitting on a beach sounds damn skippy, though! my poor body is screaming at me from two days of my black belt prep work out. And both days I didn't even do the whole thing. When I work out on my own, I do the full warm up set, which is 100 jumping jacks, 50 push-ups (I try to accomplish 10-20 full-out plank and then do the rest on my knees...the goal being to do all of them full-out plank style), and 50 sit ups. Then, we have learned six katas. We are supposed to do each of them four times. And then cool down with 75 jumping jacks, 50 push-ups and 50 sit ups. Well, the best place for me to run kata is out in my yard. Not very easy when it's summer and freaking hotter than hell out. And it's not even excruciatingly hot out, but it's soooo HUMID. So, I usually get through about half of it before heading inside and grabbing the water, heart thumping through my shirt. I would so quit, but am selfishily becoming accustomed to being able to fit in single digit pants for the first time in nearly ten years, so I think I will keep at it, yes?
....Another karate-related thing I've done recently is to read a book on how martial arts aids in health and fitness. And you already know that I can't say enough about it. But this book has given me even more things to think about and try. Like it has a whole bunch of stretches to do. And I've been doing them, in hopes that eventually I can be a really cool person who doesn't wind up hurt all the time. Because what is more pathetic than someone who is on the brink of something really cool, but then has set-backs when they're hurt? Sucks buttermilk, folks!
...And the final karate related thing is that I'm up for two awards at the end of next month for the competition circuit that I belong to. Sixth in kata and ninth in sparring. Am really debating on going to the banquet (which they hose you into going, or you don't get your award...kind of shitty, but I see their point to an extent...). Of course, it costs money. Have told Aaron that if I really want to go, that it can be my birthday present. In a way, I feel silly about it. On the other hand, the season started in July of LAST year, and I only started competing in February of THIS year. So the fact that I've gotten this far says a bit, even if it's silly, no? I don't know. I go back and forth a bit. We shall see.


Blogger Kari said...

You are amazing Steph! I think you should go to the dinner!

8:21 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Well first I need to say, you rock!

And then, it's funny you mention the humidity because since I've experienced Maryland humidity, I keep thinking it's been so pleasant here in Indiana. Granted Maryland has nothing on parts of the south but I'm less inclined to grumble about the heat here now. lol

8:49 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Awards are not silly, it just shouldn't be so expensive that average folk cannot afford it.

4:59 PM


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