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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Nice Weekend Thusfar....

....for the most part. We did have a puke episode (What I get for controlling everything my child eats and then letting her have at it at a picnic!), so I spent Friday night on the sofa, flanked by the twins. We didn't have any puksters on Saturday, so that's all good. We wound up going to a park yesterday, which was just so much fun. The twins had a blast, and once again I was reminded of how hairy this whole twins thing can be. You have two kids running in completely opposite directions. At the children's museum, it's much easier to feel safe by strategically placing myself between them. At a park, you have so many more people looking at you, rolling their eyes at you, because you're standing there kidless while they hoist their children up on a slide. Bite me, I want so badly to say. After the park, we swung by my new office building so that I could show Aaron and Collin where I'd be working. Then we went to Kohl's to find me some new workpants. Can I just say that I'm officially old? Why, you ask? Because I find today's standard of "careerwear" appalling! Absolutely appalling! The stuff that passes for business attire wouldn't have worked at my old job. Not in one million years. Capri pants? For a business suit? Gauchos? In the business attire? Those pants look like they belong on a goddamned beach, NOT an office? And need I start a rant about the shoes these days? Not only are they not business appropriate, I SWEAR TO GOD MY MOTHER WORE THEM IN THE EARLY EIGHTIES! See. I'm officially old. will be spent doing all the housework that didn't get done yesterday. *sigh*

don't forget to go and help me find my new name! a Stephanie mix-cd will be awarded to those who help generate my new name. I have a few ideas brewing, thanks to the entries so far, but I want to hear EVERYONE'S ideas!


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