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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Do you smell that??

Yes, as a former blogging buddy said. Those, my friend, are the winds of change. I feel like my life is on the brink of a new beginning. What's funny is that my internet life has been quite slow lately. Not sure why, but it has. And this is ok, really. For the average stay-at-home person, I think that having an internet life these days is a life-saver. And for the past three years, it's definitely been mine. And there are the typical waxes and wanes of activity on here, that usually have to do with the seasons. Late spring and summer are always slower. And rightfully so, for if you have to spend another damn day indoors with the curtain-climbers, more than little white pills are necessary in order to find any sort of happy place. Perhaps my internet life is slower because I spend more time on the phone these days. No one would really want to know how much I get done while chatting on the phone. Luckily enough, there are a few people like me, perhaps with several of their own children rather than a slew that aren't theirs, who need that brief second to yell at their child mid-sentence. This, lately, for me, has been the life-saver. My life-line. Not that my internet friends aren't near and dear. But I like the reality that hearing someone's voice brings. The reality that comes with having been in the same room as this person. Having seen their house to know exactly where they're at when they talk to me while standing at their kitchen sink. Of course, most of my time these days is spent talking to a friend that I know like the back of my hand. Her house, however, is farther than Aaron's willing to travel, so there's a chance that I might not get to see it (which I hate hate hate). But I know this person, and where her tattoo is located. And that means a lot to me. She's seen my c-section scars... has not flinched in the slightest as I lift my shirt to nurse my babies. That's been my lifeline the past few months. And I'm so lucky to have her.

My other reasoning for lowered internet activity has been absence during the evening. Aaron has rediscovered love for Baseball Mogul (if anyone has any copies more recent than '04, please "share" them.). He's been playing on the computer, which has "forced" me to rediscover my scrap-space. Of course, all the cleaning I did in here a few weeks ago is shot to hell, but that's beside the point. I'm USING all the fun stuff I've acquired over the past three years. All that money that people usually spend on clothes? Yeah, it went to stamps and scrapbooking stuff. And I'm really starting to use it all. Good job I have all of it now, because I soon might not be able to afford to buy a ton of new stuff. I might even have to actually make the envelopes my homemade cards come in! hehe

There is definitely a huge current of change with me right now. "This is the start of something good. Don't you agree?" (who sings that song, anyway??) While I hope that I can maintain the friendships I've made online, I'm finding that being online isn't the center of my life anymore. And this is good. Now...I just need to get Katie to move back to the midwest.... I'm not even pushing for Indiana anymore. Three hour drive. Four maximum.


Anonymous Judy said...

I am perfectly content to have you in my life as an off line presence, too. Good thing I live close!

8:59 AM

Blogger Cath said...

I hear ya on the internet front, don't seem to get on nearly as much these days.
Good luck in everything you do Steph, i only wished i lived nearer to you as you're a great online friend!

3:28 AM


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