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Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, Monday....

...So today hasn't been too terrible. Just busy. There were two birthdays in the house, which can lend for some happy, yet hectic times. Nap was spent largely making cupcakes for this afternoon, so no rest for the wicked. Is ok, because now I get to clean up the mess from it all! *clicks heels like a lumberjack*

...Sent a kid home sick today. Go me.

...Have an interview on Wednesday for a job OUTSIDE the home. *bites nails*

...Saw cutie-tootie niece yesterday. Still can't believe that Erin and Griffin were actually SMALLER when they came home. They didn't seem so small at the time. She's still laying around in the fetal position, which I remember Collin doing when he came home, leaving inches of empty pj legs. And she has the absolute fullest head of hair on any newborn I've ever seen close up. Loads of it.

...Celebrated my TENTH Mother's Day with a baby in my arms or a kid at my side. TENTH. God, do I feel old.


Blogger Katie said...

You are old! ;)

Happy Birthday to the little ones and good luck on the job interview. I will have my fingers crossed for you!

5:32 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

You have been a mother for 10 years? Can't look so young.

8:48 PM

Blogger nain said...

Yeah, Riley IS such a cutie!!! Glad to see you this weekend - sorry I wasn't feeling so A-OK on Sunday, but then again, you felt my pain...literally! Talk to you soon!

8:08 AM

Blogger Walter said...

Don't sweat the interview on wednesday, if you can handle a bunch of kids, you can handle anything else.

10:14 AM


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