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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm Alive....

So yes, I'm living. But just barely. You husband had this Clavinova as a kid. Aaron's mom wanted it out of her house, so we got it when we moved one of the many times in our eight and a half year marriage. Well...have you ever moved a Clavinova? If you have, you'll understand me when I say that the sonofabitch is fucking heavy.

Anyway, I've been a slave to my crafts the past few days. I've completed ten of the twelve working planners. Yes, I said ten. All done. All covered, ribbon-tied, and ready to wrap. So, I've only two more left to go. I'm seriously thinking of listing a few things on ebay, but I've not finished contemplating or taking pictures, so it's not happened yet.

Aaron, over the past few days, painted our living room. It's now a funky pumpkin color. Schweet! :D It's one thing on the long list of things that need to be done to this house. So one down, several left to go. Now it's time to decorate it. We went to the mall today (with a friend, otherwise, we'd have never left our own little five-mile radius of shopping to visit a PPPPAAAACCCKEEDD mall), and stopped by Kirklands and found some really cute stuff that we might get to hang on the walls. Woot!

Other than that, not much ado. Well, I do have to report that while warming my heart and playing together today, one of my kids fell down the stairs. That would be Griffin. He was ok, but a little freaked out. Ya don't say? But he did just fine and managed to whine his way into watching another Thomas video. Which brings me to my last funny before I bid you a fond Adieu.... Last night, Nain came by to visit us, and when it came time to get the kidlets to bed, Griffin did EVERYTHING he could to stay up and watch a movie. He even asked Nain if she wanted to watch Princesses with him. I about pissed my pants before I sent him up to bed. What a crafty little man he is!


Anonymous Judy said...

I am glad you are alive and well and that i don't have to send out a search party for you. I am glad you survived a trip to the mall. The next big shopping expedition you take had better be to archivers with me. Wooooo! We are wild women!

4:35 AM

Blogger nain said...

yeah he is a little sneaky boy...and the little pout he gave after he realized he wasn't going to win was too cute.

Glad to see you guys today - I didn't get the chance to say good bye to you personally so bye! Hope you have a good week!

6:38 PM

Blogger fl13grl said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday weekend! :) Wishing you a lovely week! Ox...t

6:53 PM


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