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Thursday, September 08, 2005

WOOHOO!! Today's the Day!

I'm stoked to be able to say that I don't have to wait more than 24 hours. Hopefully in about twelve hours, I'll be in the car, on the way up to Ft. Wayne. Tonight we're going to hang out and look at scrapbook pages to submit to magazines. I'm very nervous about this, even though I know that it's really no big deal. It's one thing to put them here for the "world" to see, but it's another to have pros look at them to see if they're worthy. I know I do decent pages. But what if "they" don't think so? The pressure, I tell you! LMAO

***Alaina (and everyone else grossed out by mentions of me having sex**** stop reading......

I finally had sex without bleeding last night! I'm hoping that this means that I'm on my way to "normal" in that department. *crossing fingers, toes, and eyes*


Blogger Katie said...

Woohoo! I will be out October 14-16 so I can't wait to see your work.

8:44 AM

Blogger ZGD63 said...

Glad to see you're enjoying ROFF'ing!!! ;-) Seriously though, it sounds like you're doing a super job juggling all your responsibilities/roles. While husbands often seem in their own worlds with their own concerns, they do greatly appreciate their wives efforts and if honest, would admit that they can't do the job you do! Congrats!

9:31 AM

Blogger Leann said...

Yea! Have a fun vacation!

11:25 AM

Anonymous Elyse Lane Bitch Girl said...

Did you know that you and the Dalai Llama share a birthday? I bet he didn't get any obligatory birthday sex! You go, Girl! And shop for me in Fort Wayne. I am sooooo fucking jealous of you right now. Why didn't you invite me?

1:39 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Well done on the 'you know what' LMAO

Have a great trip! *i am not jealous, i am not jealous*

2:56 AM


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