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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And By the Way..... add to all the rest of my troubles.....

........let's just say I need to make another trip to Wal-Mart to get some of this.

*bangs head on desk in sexual frustration*


Blogger diligent law student said...

oh sweet god, do not need to hear about my brother's wife's sexual frustration....must pour bleach into eyes now (this has nothing to do with you, only the fact you are married to my only brother)

6:30 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

sorry...i'm just pissed because it's been one fucking gyno issue after the next......and even i have needs, though i know you don't want to hear about them! ;)

8:39 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles....

Your entries are so funny and I feel bad laughing because I am sure most of the time they aren't fun to have to deal with but it cracks me up!

9:40 PM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...


9:49 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

I'm so so so sorry hunny! Eat some yogurt and throw some cereal in it so that you can convince yourself that you're doing it because you want to.

10:08 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Steph, i get it about every 2 months and this last time i had it for 2 wks! I totally can sympathise. HUGS

4:22 AM


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