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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ponderances of the day....

  1. Does it seem oddly fitting that the person who should pull out in front of me so closely that I have to slam on my brakes in order to avoid a collision would have the "In God We Trust" license plate?
  2. Does the fact that Griffin repeated his Jack-Ass performance of bellysurfing down the stairs and thus getting rug-rash on his stomach mean that I'm somehow deficient in my child-rearing skills?

And by the way, Judy.... NO ONE should EVER wear horizontal stripes on their ass. EVER.

Nance....I did pair the tone-on-tone brown striped pants with a patterned cream and brown shirt today.... No one said I looked like a clown... do you think they were laughing behind my back? Am currently paranoid.....

Greg...nice navy. Navy's not blue. Not by a long shot. *winks*


Blogger Kari said...

Your "ponderances" are quite funny!

10:36 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

If you pull out in front of people too often, you'll need to trust God.

3:49 PM


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