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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Working Out.... we went to one of the guys' houses tonight to work out in his HUGE garage. It was hotter than a muthafucka, but we were able to work out for almost an hour with very few interruptions. We're getting better as a WHOLE. Which is going to make for an AWESOME test night. So very awesome to see us in synch with eachother. Even more awesome to know that people are going home and working on things themselves. And I see major improvement from when we started this review belt in May. I was the only one who was running them all along. So I remember the MOVES. But getting BETTER at the moves is something I've managed to do over the past few months. And I still see the need for improvement. But what I see in my classmates is astounding to me. They were bumbling around and had forgotten the moves. So the first few classes were really kicking their asses both physically and mentally. But now? They remember them. And we're all showing good improvement. And it's fun.

....OK. Next post I promise to find something else to talk about other than karate. Deal?


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